For additional information about testing, send an Email and include the following information:  We will send details regarding test procedures along with payment instructions. 

  • Cattery Name
  • Contact Individual
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone
  • Email

Test kits include all materials, forms, and prepaid laboratory fees. We will walk you through collection procedures, and assist in interpreting your results. Due to the small amount of saliva to be collected, special laboratory processing is required. US and Canada prices for the kit and processing are below. Canada Overseas add $50 for shipping and other fees.

Testing Fees ~ Request an exact quotation

  • Test Kit & Preparation Fee                $150

  • Discussions & Our Fees (per Cat) (3 samples)       $75
  • Lab: Indoor Biotech Lab Fees (per Cat)                $225

  • Canada ~ Customs & PayPal    $50
  • Oversea ~ Customs & PayPal   $100

For each cat/kitten to be tested, submit the following information.

  • Call Name or Tag Color
  • Color or Distinct Markings
  • Date of Birth
  • Registered Name (not required).

Returns / Refunds

  • 30 Days:  Returned Unopened kits will be refunded in the amount of $300 per Cat. 
  • 60 Days:  Full or Partial Kits returned before 60 Days will be refunded $225 per Cat.
  • 60 Days:  Kits not processed or returned within 60 Days will be voided without Refund.

Sample Costs for a litter of 3 Kittens

Test Kit and preparation Fee - $150

License Fees $75 x 3 kittens   - $225

Lab Fees $225 x 3 kittens        - $675

US - customs and fees             - $0

     Total for 3 Kittens                $1050            

Laboratory processing fees were increased in January by $25 per sample ($75 per kitten increase).  Lab fees now cost $225 per kitten.   The fee increase in reflected in our prices for 2017.  

We accept Check or PayPal for US payments, and Wire Transfer or PayPal for international.

Our tests kits are processed by Indoor Biotechnologies, the world leader in Fel d1 ELISA testing and research. The average processing time is 7-14 days from receipt of your samples.
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